Financial Analyst

  • A comprehensive program for three core finance profiles – investment banking, equity research and credit rating.

  • A curated learning path from basics of accounting to building final deliverables.

  • Complementary access to live webinars, live project, mentorship network and corporate connect program.

Rs. 9,999

Investment Banking + Equity Research

  • Gain insights on investment banking role and deliverables.

  • Understand and build core equity research models and reports.

  • Complementary access to live webinars and live project.

Rs. 7,499

Financial Modeling and Valuation

  • Step-by-step three statement financial model building.

  • Step-by-step implementation of valuation models.

  • Complementary access to live webinars and live project.

Rs. 4,499

Financial Modelling Best Practices

Learn how the top investment banking and equity research analysts make quick and great financial models – top hacks from the best in the investment industry

  • June 25, 2022
  • 4:00pm

Overview of Sell-Side M&A Process

Understand how an actual M&A deal works along with nuances of each stage in the deal cycle

  • July 9, 2022
  • 4:00pm

Understanding Growth Investing (Start-up Financing) Term Sheet

Understand the different terms and clauses of a standard growth investment term sheet for a start-up

  • July 23, 2022
  • 4:00pm

Key Features

How EduAlpha Boosts Your Career

Learn From Industry Veterans

Head of investment research, investment banker and CFO

Self-Paced + Practical Live Masterclasses

Just not another recorded videos platform. Learn at your own pace and then apply execution skills in live sessions


On-demand content for an effective zero cost. Technology helps us and we help you

Up-to-date Content

In finance, old is not gold. We teach current and relevant

Wall-Street Standards

Wall street bankers trained us. And we just know one quality standards

Practical Approach

Everything you learn here is made for the real world so you can immediately and effectively work on real-life projects

Free Doubt-clearing Sessions

It’s not rocket science, but you still need hand-holding. So you don’t fall behind

Live Projects

You’ll get to put your skills to test with hands-on projects that prepare you for success

Access to our Recruitment Network

You’ll be recommended to our network of firms

Access to our Mentorship Program

A network of senior professionals willing to help budding finance aspirants

Created for All Experience Levels

You could be from any field. No prior knowledge of finance is required


After completing the course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion

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An end-to-end journey of on-demand learning live workshops doubt solving mentorship corporate connect


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Receive access to corporate connect program and mentorship program (for students of flagship programs)

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Our Students Speak for Us

“The course and the delivery was on par to the professional training an analyst experiences before entering the floor. The insights and live examples shared by Tirthank (the instructor) was far more valuable than any Excel model we created. It was refreshing to experience such a dynamic course where the internet is filled with phonies teaching MS Excel in the name of Equity Research. Kudos to the team”

“This is one of the best Equity Research Programs I have come across. The course is really well designed and equips you with all the tools needed to become an equity research analyst- right from modelling the financial statements on excel to Industry, company and management analysis. Every topic under this course is covered in great depth and we also get to see the practical application of those concepts. Every aspiring Equity research analyst will definitely benefit from this course.”

“Really enjoyed the course. In depth coverage of important concepts in an easy to understand manner. This course is ideal for folks with some background into equity markets and accounting who want to get into equity research more professionally. The Q and A sessions at the end of every lecture were extremely valuable in addition to the unstructured discussions over the telegram channel”

"My experience with Edualpha was excellent. The course touched topics such as Accounting fundamentals, investing basics, financial analysis, equity research which involved understanding financial statements, annual reports, key metrics and other relevant topics. Tirthank sir explained all the concepts very well, in a concise and practical manner. There were also practical assignments, which helped in understanding the job of an equity research analyst in a more practical manner. Anyone interested in making a career in Equity research, should certainly enroll in this program."

“Being a fresher to equity research and finance as a whole, I found the course quite easy to understand. The course not only covered various topics but also covered in-depth explanations on each topic. Not only the content was starting point to learn modelling, Tirthank Sir was exceptionally helpful in clearing all our doubts and helped boost our understanding. Hands-on exercises in the course gave me a good understanding of the ‘How’ part of modelling. The internet is filled with umpteen sources that made me very confused and misguided. Thus, I wanted to have a dedicated course that can teach me the basics to start modelling on my own. This course was the exact solution I was looking for. In one sentence the course is a – ‘reasonably priced well-structured course to kick off our equity research journey’ "

"The course content is comprehensive right from learning excel best practices to preparing financial models. Tirthank is the best in business; his style of teaching prepares you for the corporate and beyond. Highly recommended for students with a keen interest in finance!"

"I had enrolled for the Equity Research Program at Edualpha. The course was very well structured, with a step by step approach to financial modelling. It not only guided me presentation wise but helped me understand the rationale behind the assumptions taken, something that has always been a challenge for me whenever I tried to build a financial model myself. The classes were interactive and Tirthank sir taught us extremely well, sharing his experiences and mistakes, which made the sessions all the more insightful. Kunal was very helpful too in assisting me choose the right course that aligns with my career at this point. All in all, Edualpha is doing a great job, would recommend it to anyone willing to take an online course in finance. :)"

Knowledge Center

Our effort to simplify business and finance




Global Specialty Chemicals market size is pegged at ~$805 bn and is expected to reach $1.2 tn by 2025 (a 6.4% CAGR). Globally, ~25% of the total specialty chemicals production is exported, totaling to ~$200 bn.




A sector which has remained in the limelight for the last 12 months, for good reasons, is Indian steel sector. Share prices of the leaders – Steel Authority of India and Tata Steel are up over 250% in the last 12 months. So, let’s understand why.




When it comes to Indian equity markets, our eyes focus on two benchmark indices. With Nifty 50 Index around 15,700 and BSE Sensex around 52,000, there was another milestone, which we hit – that is linked to market capitalization.


How can we help you?


Quality and Quantity. Every course is designed with the end goal in mind – which is, to give you valuable knowledge that’s in demand. Our trainers come with 15+ years of experience in managing international investment research team, heading an investment banking practice and acting as CFO of a fintech start-up. So we know what’s current and relevant.

Moreover, at EduAlpha, you don’t just learn via pre-recorded videos, but your knowledge and skills are further sharpened with live masterclasses, workshops, and doubt-clearing sessions (at no extra cost).

Absolutely. All micro-degree and flagship programs assume no prior finance knowledge. We start right from accounting 101 and build from thereon. We have trained 300+ engineers, right out of their engineering colleges, who have built successful careers in investment banking, equity research, venture capital world, private equity.

Live classes are built for implementation of concepts. We will cover financial model building, valuation models, credit rating models, annual report analysis, sector analysis, macro-economic analysis, etc. Again, all recent content.

Doubt solving sessions are free. You can attend as many as you want. Each masterclass is for 1-2 hours for 200 - 500 coins. If you have taken the flagship program, you’ll be able to attend 15-20 live sessions throughout the year.

Free access to mentorship network, which lets you participate in sessions on requirements for various profiles, expectations, career trajectory, etc.

You get recommended to companies whenever they’re looking for internships as well as full-time jobs.

Our campus connect program (15+ firms and counting) will offer you live projects, internships, and even an opportunity to get evaluated for full-time jobs.