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Quality and Quantity. Every course is designed with the end goal in mind – which is, to give you valuable knowledge that’s in demand. Our trainers come with 15+ years of experience in managing international investment research team, heading an investment banking practice and acting as CFO of a fintech start-up. So we know what’s current and relevant.

Moreover, at EduAlpha, you don’t just learn via pre-recorded videos, but your knowledge and skills are further sharpened with live masterclasses, workshops, and doubt-clearing sessions (at no extra cost).

Absolutely. All micro-degree and flagship programs assume no prior finance knowledge. We start right from accounting 101 and build from thereon. We have trained 300+ engineers, right out of their engineering colleges, who have built successful careers in investment banking, equity research, venture capital world, private equity.

Live classes are built for implementation of concepts. We will cover financial model building, valuation models, credit rating models, annual report analysis, sector analysis, macro-economic analysis, etc. Again, all recent content.

Doubt solving sessions are free. You can attend as many as you want. Each masterclass is for 1-2 hours for 200 - 500 coins. If you have taken the flagship program, you’ll be able to attend 15-20 live sessions throughout the year.

Free access to mentorship network, which lets you participate in sessions on requirements for various profiles, expectations, career trajectory, etc.

You get recommended to companies whenever they’re looking for internships as well as full-time jobs.

Our campus connect program (15+ firms and counting) will offer you live projects, internships, and even an opportunity to get evaluated for full-time jobs.