Equity Research + Credit Rating

Rs. 7,499


  • A combo micro-degree program which prepares you with in-demand skills in the field of equity research and credit rating.

  • Content curated to make you competent for working in financial institutions such as investment banks, asset management firms, equity research firms, KPOs etc.

  • A well-crafted learning path from basics of accounting to building core deliverables.

What You’ll Learn

  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative company analysis

  • Building three statement financial models

  • Building valuation analysis models for pre-revenue firms, start-ups, and matured businesses across different sectors

  • Building credit rating analysis models

  • Drafting research reports


  • Financial accounting standards and conventions

  • Understanding and building of core financial statements

  • Accounting principles related to core financial statement line items

  • Understanding interconnection between three core statements

  • Ratio analysis (30+ key ratios used by Analysts)

  • Reviewing financial reports

  • Case studies on identifying financial shenanigans

  • Excel best practices

  • Working with client Data

  • Analyzing data

  • Scenario analysis

  • Introduction to financial modelling and use cases across profiles

  • Building core statements and supporting schedules

  • Troubleshooting the model

  • Building drivers

  • Finished product

  • Case studies – four sector models

  • Trading comparables analysis

  • Precedent transaction comparables

  • Discounted cash flow analysis

  • Dividend discount model

  • Understanding “Football field” chart

  • Sum-of-the-parts valuation

  • Holding company valuation

  • Sales analysis

  • Value chain analysis

  • Moat analysis

  • Management analysis with case studies

  • SWOT analysis

  • Corporate governance analysis

  • Demand driver, supply factors and pricing

  • Industry classification

  • Porter’s five force model with case studies

  • Overview of equity research role

  • Developing research insights

  • Drafting equity research reports

  • Understanding credit instruments

  • Basics of bonds

  • Global and Indian credit markets

  • Understanding credit rating agencies

  • Credit Analysis 4C analysis

  • Country risk analysis

  • Macro-economic risk analysis

  • Financial risk analysis

  • Understanding defaults and recovery process

  • Building credit rating model with an example

What You’ll Get

  • 179 Videos
  • 12 Case Studies
  • 55 hours of completion time
  • 11 Hours of Webinar Access
  • live project
  • Program Completion Certificate
  • Live-Project Certificate
  • 1 Year- Access
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  • No prior finance or accounting knowledge is required. All you have to do is follow the pre-defined learning path

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