About Edualpha

EduAlpha is an all-encompassing financial education platform designed to give you an end-to-end journey. Starting from your introduction to the world of finance to getting your first job in the sector – you get it all here, at EduAlpha.

Old is gold. But not in finance. That’s why we teach what’s current and practical.

It guarantees that you stand out from the other ten candidates when you enter the job market. We provide you knowledge that helps you generate alpha, i.e., results beyond the standard return.


Our Core Principles

Everything we offer is based on 3 Core Principles.

  • Providing You In-demand Knowledge: Every bit of what you learn has a high market value.

  • Preparing You for the Job Market: Not just that, we give you an edge over others competing for the same position.

  • Bridging the gap between Knowledge and Practicality: Textbook knowledge alone doesn’t cut it. So we keep it real. We only teach what brings real value to YOU.


Our Mission

To make our students “Desk Ready” using “Learning by Doing” approach.

Our Vision

To be a leading provider of employment-oriented and skills-enhancement programs in financial services.

What Edualpha Is Not

  • Not just recorded video lecture course
  • Not just another “training-only” firm
  • Not just another dump of 100 hours of old videos
  • Not taught by inexperienced teachers or teachers with limited industry experience
  • Not an unaffordable program

What Edualpha Is

  • Concept videos + execution videos + doubt solving classes + live practical webinars
  • Training + career mentorship + recruitment
  • Quality over quantity with up-to-date content
  • Taught by head of investment research, investment banker and fintech CFO
  • Overall cost at a fraction of similar full-fledged courses

Our Team

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much


Tirthank Shah, CFA

Founder and Lead Trainer

15 years of experience as head of investment research, co-head of boutique investment bank and CFO

Current and past associations: WaneGlobal Investment (UAE), ACS Capital (Senegal), Medina Digital Finance (Kenya), and TresVista (Mumbai)


Shweta Shah, CFA

Director – Strategy

15 years of experience as an investment banker in Indian Debt Markets

Current and past and associations: Northern Arc Capital, A K Capital and EduPristine


Kunal Shah

Head, Content

5 years of experience as a Financial Associate working with various Private Equity firms, Investment Banking firms, and Hedge Funds across North America and MEA.

Past associations: TresVista Financial Services and TCS


Prateek Kumar

Research Analyst

MSc Finance from University of Stirling in 2019

Past and current associations: Capgemini


Shivani Gupta

Research Analyst

Master of Business Finance from XIM, University

Past association: PwC and Tristar Software & solutions


Vikas Tiwari

Research Analyst

Commerce graduate from Mumbai university

Past association: Crisil – GR&A and African Consultancy Services

What People Say About Edualpha

Our Students Speak for Us

“The course and the delivery was on par to the professional training an analyst experiences before entering the floor. The insights and live examples shared by Tirthank (the instructor) was far more valuable than any Excel model we created. It was refreshing to experience such a dynamic course where the internet is filled with phonies teaching MS Excel in the name of Equity Research. Kudos to the team”

“This is one of the best Equity Research Programs I have come across. The course is really well designed and equips you with all the tools needed to become an Equity Research analyst- right from modelling the financial statements on excel to Industry, company and management analysis. Every topic under this course is covered in great depth and we also get to see the practical application of those concepts. Every aspiring Equity Research analyst will definitely benefit from this course.”

“Really enjoyed the course. In depth coverage of important concepts in an easy to understand manner. This course is ideal for folks with some background into equity markets and accounting who want to get into Equity Research more professionally. The Q and A sessions at the end of every lecture were extremely valuable in addition to the unstructured discussions over the telegram channel”

"My experience with Edualpha was excellent. The course touched topics such as Accounting fundamentals, investing basics, financial analysis, Equity Research which involved understanding financial statements, annual reports, key metrics and other relevant topics. Tirthank sir explained all the concepts very well, in a concise and practical manner. There were also practical assignments, which helped in understanding the job of an Equity Research analyst in a more practical manner. Anyone interested in making a career in Equity Research, should certainly enroll in this program."

“Being a fresher to Equity Research and finance as a whole, I found the course quite easy to understand. The course not only covered various topics but also covered in-depth explanations on each topic. Not only the content was starting point to learn modelling, Tirthank Sir was exceptionally helpful in clearing all our doubts and helped boost our understanding. Hands-on exercises in the course gave me a good understanding of the ‘How’ part of modelling. The internet is filled with umpteen sources that made me very confused and misguided. Thus, I wanted to have a dedicated course that can teach me the basics to start modelling on my own. This course was the exact solution I was looking for. In one sentence the course is a – ‘reasonably priced well-structured course to kick off our Equity Research journey’ "

"The course content is comprehensive right from learning excel best practices to preparing financial models. Tirthank is the best in business; his style of teaching prepares you for the corporate and beyond. Highly recommended for students with a keen interest in finance!"

"I had enrolled for the Equity Research Program at Edualpha. The course was very well structured, with a step by step approach to financial modelling. It not only guided me presentation wise but helped me understand the rationale behind the assumptions taken, something that has always been a challenge for me whenever I tried to build a financial model myself. The classes were interactive and Tirthank sir taught us extremely well, sharing his experiences and mistakes, which made the sessions all the more insightful. Kunal was very helpful too in assisting me choose the right course that aligns with my career at this point. All in all, Edualpha is doing a great job, would recommend it to anyone willing to take an online course in finance. :)"